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Not knowing...

Sort of new unknown things

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Sort of new unknown things

Not knowing... published by KW
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Posted on 2016-08-02
Writer Description: Sort of new unknown things
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We need to watch out for ourselves a little here. Because our thinking is just bad sometimes. And is not everyone in some sort of danger. In the meaning of some sort of crash, no peace at all. That sort of things. We can't entirely trust ourselves. The image with this article is relatedly nice, but a bit too lame.
How is this? I will explain as detailed as possible. It will be sort of awkward to begin with. But this can improve with some carefulness.

• The sex thing: all have the same basic feelings about all the specialities. And no thing about it is questionable as long as no one has right objections.

• Religion. Contact with God is this sort of thing.
The whole thing is too lame. In Christianity people have their choice of freedom. Mainly if the choice is to keep a certain distance. In Islam it is part of the state, all mistakes Christianity has and to top it off a painful war.
There is a God

That is not the problem. But somehow because of His spiritual being you would possibly be shocked at the awkwardness if gotten answers to, or communicate about all sorts of why questions. To say it atom short: basic thing is right initiatives by humans if wanting to keep safe and rich. And that are as tasteful and real as possible.
Who has even the slightest interest or even idea about making a problem with the supreme spiritual being? [With this video I mean that some '' world chastisements'' are mentioned with this series of apparitions]
No one. Of course.

• Money: as with some other things this needs right and nice protests to abolish differences in position, education-worth (a real nasty one too) and pay. This is in no way typically on the right of left political spectrum. Just thinking about this logically.
Kinds of protests just like religion. Or with religion some internal thing would be even better.



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