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FACT CHECK: did mueller delete 20k text messages?


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FACT CHECK: did mueller delete 20k text messages? published by Oan
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Posted on 2019-01-07
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FACT CHECK: did mueller delete 20k text messages?

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Dec 30, 2018

Recent articles by democrat media outlets have been claiming its untrue

iPhones six months earlier when their assignments to the SCO had ended. The 010 was told 
that **the DOJ issued iPhone previously assigned to Strzok had been re-issued to another FBI agent following 
Strzok’s departure from the SCO.** The SCO obtained the iPhone from that individual and provided it to the 
010. CYB ER obtained a forensic extraction of the iPhone previously assigned to Strzok; however. **this 
iPhone had been reset to factory settings and was reconfigured for the new user to whom the device was 
issued. It did not contain data related to Strzok’s use of the device.** SCO’s Records Officer told the 010 
that as part of the office’s records retention procedure the officer reviewed Strzok’s DOJ issued iPhone 
after he returned it to the SCO and determined it contained no substantive text messages.

The SCO was unable to locate the iPhone previously assigned to Page which had been returned to DOJ's 
Justice Management Division (JMD). Subsequentl in early September 201 JMD informed the OIG that it 
had located the iPhone that had been assigned to Page. The OIG took custody of the device. Page's iPhone had 
been reset to factory settings on July 2017, but had not been reissued to a new user. (The Office of the 
Deputy Attorney General told the OJG that the Department routinely resets mobile devices to factory settings 
when the device is returned from a user to enable that device to be issued to another user in the future.) The 
OJG forensic review of the phone determined that it did not contain any data related to Page's use of the device. 
SCO's Records Otlicer stated that she did not receive the phone following Page's departure from the $CO and 
therefore she did not review Page's iPhone for records that would possibly need to be retained prior to the 
phone having been reset.


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