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I asked 4chan's /v/ to design the perfect video game character. Here are the results.

Loves to blog and debate

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Loves to blog and debate

I asked 4chan's /v/ to design the perfect video game character. Here are the results. published by The 1st Amender
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Posted on 2019-02-26
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I posted this request on 4chan yesterday. I wanted to see what people would say if I asked them to put in a single item to the perfect video game character. I simply would draw it when they requested the item, and I moved to the next one. Here are the results:

The rules were simple.

>Please ask for one item at a time

>I draw the item they request

>Next person to reply to the post with the updated drawing gets the next item drawn. This would continue until we had a fully designed character for /v/.

Anonymous asks: Add giant breasts.

Anonymous asks: Give him the eye patch and shrapnel from metal gear solid 5.

Anonymous asks: Give him an arm gun.

Anonymous asks: Give him giant frieza shoulders.

Give him beautiful hair.

Give him little fangs.

Give him a hat. Also... it is now wishes to be referred by the pronoun zhe.

Give zher a doom guy face.

Give zher pelvic bones and Shantae clothes.

Remove zher's pubes.

give zher a different hat on each shoulder.

Give zher giant gargantuan smelly feet.

Give zher a sephiroth wing that grows out of zher's butt.

Give zher a "axe that is also a cat".

Give zher's cat-axe a hat.

Give zher Nomura zippers on pants.

Give zher a tattoo on zher's ankle.

Give zher a tiny hand coming out of the end of the arm cannon. Also giant rings.

give zher a necklace.

Give zher belts on zher abdomen.

Give zher a segway. (Also, before it was asked to have a cat scarf. I didn't save this screenshot when it was written.

Zher was supposed to have a cute thong with bulge... and also arms that then come out to steer the segway.

Give zher's bulge a bulge.

Giant mufflers. and a lizard.

Give zher knee pads to be safe.

give zher's cat axe a scope.

Give zher's lizard an RC car to ride on.

Give zher a large nipple that leaks.

And boom. the best video game character ever created in color. Name zher Revolver Cathmandude.



self-written, self drawn with the assistance of /v/.

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