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Posted on 2019-04-05
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How to use “parental lock” to prevent your parents from tuning in to cable news. 


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We’d all probably be better off if we shut off rachel maddow (above) and Megyn Kelly and watched sports or nature documentaries or talked to our families. 

Saul Loeb/Getty Images 

Cable news is bad. Cnn is the worst. It is  after all  the network that blamed a gay man for his own death threats and claimed that the president was a russian agent. e’d all probably be better off if we shut off maddlw and Megyn Kelly and watched sports or nature documentaries . This does not have to be a hypothetical. We have the technology in our very own homes to make this dream a reality. 

major cable providers  copied from those providers’ websites. 

Time Warner instructions to “monitor your kids’ entertainment”: 

  • 1. Press the Settings button on your remote. 

  • 2. Select the Parental Controls category. 

  • 3. Select the Content Block category. 

  • 4. Search for the content that you wish to block and press Select. 

  • 5. The content category to be blocked will display in the list with a Locked icon. Enter your PIN. (The default PIN is set by each local TWC Store  typically 0000.) 

  • 6. Press the C button to save your options. 

Comcast Xfinity instructions to “lock access to specific individual channels” for boxes that use the X1 operating system: 

  • 1. Press the Guide button on your remote control. 

  • 2. Use the up arrow and down arrow buttons to scroll to the channel to you wish to lock. 

  • 3. Press the left arrow button once to highlight the logo and channel number of the channel you wish to lock. Press the OK button. 

  • 4. Using the right arrow button  highlight Lock. Press the OK button. 

  • 5. If you have already set up a Parental Controls PIN  you will be prompted to enter your four-digit Locks PIN using the number pad on your remote control before you can continue. 

  • 6. Enter the Locks PIN a second time to confirm the channel lock. 


Comcast Xfinity instructions to “control what your child watches” on non-X1 TV boxes: 

  • 1. Press the Menu button on your remote twice. 

  • 2. Highlight the Parental Control feature on the screen. 

  • 3. Press OK select and follow the on-screen instructions. 

Verizon FiOS instructions to “set up and use parental controls”: 

  • 1. Press the Menu button on your remote. 

  • 2. Highlight System and press OK/Select. 

  • 3. Highlight Settings and press OK/Select. 

  • 4. Select Parental/Purchase and press OK/Select. 

  • 5. Create or enter your 4-digit Parental Controls PIN. You’ll then need to retype your PIN to confirm your selection. 

  • 6.  Select Parental Controls to turn them on. 

  • 7. Select Age Preferences to set up age specific content blocks or Parental Preferences to block by content rating/channel/day/time or to control adult information. Important: Blocking any rating (such as TV-14) also automatically blocks all higher (more restrictive) ratings such as TV-MA. 

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