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Congressional Democrats release "heavily edited video of Candace Owens


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Congressional Democrats release "heavily edited video of Candace Owens published by Oan
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Posted on 2019-04-10
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Democrat congressman ted lieu () released a video of conservative activist Candace owens Tuesday that appears to be heavily edited. The Democrats claims that the footage shows a owens “praising” hitler.

The  minutes of edited footage posted on the  YouTube channel Tuesday morning. The video shows  camera footage of Candace Owens explaining 2 an unknown person the reasons that Hitler was not the same as a nationalist. 

The footage appears heavily edited  with sharp jumps in the footage and time stamps appearing in some parts of the video but not others.

Owens twice says in the edited video that cheap she does not support Hitler or what he did. And it's not believe that it is appropriate to compare nationalism



Only after significant prodding by an unidentified woman does She discuss hitlers policies at all.. However  it appears that she is specifically referring to policies. 

“Hitler was abhorrent” she said


the video apparently leaves out contextual clips of the question being asked of her and of her disavowal of the vid







Ted lieu has a history of anti-conservative and anti-black activism. And has McKinley released edited videos before. As well as Democrats really sing similar edited videos


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The 1st Amender: 2019-04-10 09:27:36 ID:3167

Ah I noticed a glitch in this article. Specifically when you go back to edit it the htmlspecialchars of the title get htmlspecialchar twice. I fixed this issue. Recommended to just re-edit your article to get rid of the &amp issue.

Oan: 2019-05-28 01:44:11 ID:3190

Tbh i think the whole article would look better if the background were white instead of black It looks more professional

Oan: 2019-06-04 03:50:47 ID:3198

This website is incredibly difficult to use. Not only is it completely not designed to be used on mobile but the text editor is very glitchy Simple tasks such as copying written words from it are nearly impossible as well as the paste function being overly complicated. Attempting to hyperlink words is virtually impossible as there is no option to actually hyperlink the word rather than pasting a separate link also the delete button for an article is far too easy to miss click. There is no option asking if you are sure that you want to delete the article so if you accidentally click the delete article button it will delete the article immediately. Which is problematic These features (as well as the less professional layout) make this website much more difficult to use then other user-posting websites such as medium or steemit

The 1st Amender: 2019-06-04 07:47:56 ID:3199

Granted, being able to post on mobile just isn't feasible. Why? Because the intent of the site is the ability to post full-length articles. I can't imagine anyone doing that feasibly from their phone. Most people would use a desktop to do it. It isn't like facebook or twitter where you can just blast a quick blurb and be on your way. It's more complex than that. It requires time and effort to do it and the ckeditor is designed for long form posting. It just was never intended to be able to create articles from mobile. However, it is very easy to browse the site on mobile. Just not to post.

Oan: 2019-06-04 08:31:53 ID:3200

But that still doesn't explain the overly complicated paste function and the fact that there's no way to hyperlink a word or the fact that it's too easy to accidentally delete the article

The 1st Amender: 2019-06-04 08:37:31 ID:3201

It's not intended for you to copy paste someone's work. That's plageurism. I don't remove the articles out of principle but if someone came saying that it was their article I would have to remove it after investigation that you copy pasted it. It is intended for you to write in. You can easily make a hyperlink by highlighting and hitting the hyperlink button and type your url. As for the delete. Delete only shows up if you own the article. I guess it is easy and that there is no checker for it. I could make it a little more difficult. For now, just understand if you hit it, you delete it.

Anonymous: 2019-04-11 02:18:37 ID:3168

this is a clusterfuck and looks like it was written by a child for a fourth grade project