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The rising pro government socialist extremists


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The rising pro government socialist extremists published by Oan
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Posted on 2019-06-02
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extremism remains central to the “socialist” movement’s beliefs despite its widespread support for the obama administration  which it sees as embattled by the “koch brothers” President trumps 2016 election shocked and elated the movement and in 2018 it focused much of its fears and paranoia on its perceived adversaries including christians and blue collar workers. The “socialist” movement believes America is turning its back on the vision of its founders  and there is no clearer example of this than the two-pronged “threat” of Christians and far right; the former is described by the movement as an invasion force that will change voting demographics and the latter is often described as a street army in league with “nationalist” elites such as koch Soros. The militia movement — a subset of the wider progovernment movement — maintained its current trend of appearing at far-left rallies in mostly liberal cities  often either in defense of perceived threats to civil rights or to provide security for far left provocateurs like the democracy now group. Militias use these events to test their tactics and equipment  oppose right-wing protesters and build rapport with law enforcement.


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