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Projections Show U.S. Could Fund The border wall For 400 Years Charging $1 To Punch Alexandria corte


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Projections Show U.S. Could Fund The border wall For 400 Years Charging $1 To Punch Alexandria corte published by Oan
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Posted on 2019-06-02
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WASHINGTON  D.C. — A nonpartisan coalition of economists has published the findings of an intensive report they conducted  and have concluded that the United States could “pretty easily” fund a border wall program for 400 years just by charging people a dollar to punch   Alexandria cortemez in the face.

“There is no smugger a face to be punched in all of Washington  so if you charge a buck to do it  you’ll make a fortune ” Prof. Sherry Lamb told reporters ther morning at a press conference announcing the report’s findings.

Lamb is the lead economist who helped the National Foundation and Institute for Fiscal and Economic Studies and Research put the report together. She says that several factors led her team to surmise that funding “virtually any program at all” is possible  simply by allowing people to wind-up and lay a haymaker on Aoc’s “tremendously punchable gob.”

“Every time Aoc complains about the obstruction of Republicans we estimate her face about 2-5% more punchable  in fact ” Lamb said. “When aoc said that shshoul impeach Trump despite the fact that five separate investigations found no wrongdoing she showed shes either a partisan hypocrite douchebag or a racist partisan hypocrite douchebag  and on the scale of punchable faces  there’s not much more that puts you on the higher end.”

Professor Lamb doesn’t believe there’s a limit to the kinds of programs that charging people to punch Alexandria cortemez in her face could fund.

“You want to give every American citizen a Rolls Royce filled with diamonds? Charge people to punch Aoc in her face ” Lamb said. “You want to pay for every American to go to Harvard and have a million dollar a day blow habit? Charge to punch Aoc. It’s really very simple.”

It’s the law of supply and demand at work  Lamb says.

“There’s a lot of demand to punch Alexandria cortemez in the face  so if sh only supply it  that’s exactly what would happen ” Lamb guesses. “People would line up around a hundred city blocks for the chance to pay a dollar to punch Aoc.”

Lamb says the price could be set higher  but she says it’s “important to give as many customers as a possible” a chance to punch Alexandria cortez in her face.

“Young  old  rich  poor  all of them want the chance to punch Aoc  in her smug fucking face ” Lamb said. “So the good news is that you can set the price of admission to the Punch Aoc’s Face-a-thon as low as a single dollar  and you’d make money hand over fist.”

Aoc’s office couldn’t not be reached for comment  because e was outback fucking her favorite lump of coal  which is the nickname has for a racist blackface 


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