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Large Crowd Chanting "We Love Trump" in UK


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Large Crowd Chanting "We Love Trump" in UK published by Oan
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Posted on 2019-06-04
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Trump is no stranger to large crowds in the US. But he was greeted by large crowds in the UK on Monday. 

Trumps arrival in the UK was greeted by large crowd cheering him on 



Trump's visit is part of a 3-day largely ceremonial trip to meet with prime Minister Tourism a as well as members of the Royal family. 


and while most of the people there were there to support him there were  some small fringe crowds of protesters. 


Trump has had a small fringe coalition against him since he was elected. They're have been a small french group of Voters against him mostly do to their racism and sexisM against him. 


Despite this opposition Trump still enjoys large support for his economy and success



Trump has enjoyed record low unemployment for African-Americans. An and his trade policies that more closely resemble founding fathers angers some foreign politicians


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Can I say the n word on your website