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The Mountain of Madness

Philosophy, politics

Tags: philosophy  madness  

Philosophy, politics

The Mountain of Madness published by Kant Lonothew
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Posted on 2019-06-18
Writer Description: Philosophy, politics
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   The purpose of madness is one that can be argued for millenia. To our rational minds, madness is a barrier, a wall blocking our way from true knowledge. But our tuition tells a different story, of a primal fear and understanding of what lies in the dark, of what lies between our understanding and the abyss. Madness helps us see beyond the plane of realty we exist on, leading our thoughts to either aethereal or infernal realm, the dreamscape of monsters and the imaginary.

   Our rationality, however, instead of being the key to understanding this land, becomes the barred gate with which our understanding must go through in order to fully comprehend this new dimension. The idiots merely bang there heads against the gate, only getting hints of madness that compels them to do the stupid actions which they partake in our world. The innovaters can only gaze through the bars of the gate, taking in what madness that can be seen and applying it the rationale of our physical plane, creating fantastic things and ideas, but not able to fully grasp the insanity because of their rationale. And while ones inflicted by the plagues can easily pass through the gate, they become trapped in the realm of insanity, drowning in their own madness, their minds breaking before any understanding can be achieved.

   However, outside of the three there is the chance of an individual who can experience, taste madness, and shed there logical thinking in order to reach understanding. Through this understanding one may reach their own enlightenment, the expansion of their mind achieved through the depths of insanity. This becomes the purpose of madness, the unlocking of our intuition to a state of mind beyond that which normal rationality and logic can bring us. Through either our own created insanity or the madness given to us by nature or by God, the gates become unlocked to us for our own climb towards the top, the point of enlightenment, onto our own mountain of madness.


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