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Piecing Together The Boomer World Order (The 60s Revolution)

Just My Thoughts On Things

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Just My Thoughts On Things

Piecing Together The Boomer World Order (The 60s Revolution) published by Student000
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Posted on 2019-07-04
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The Boomer World Order is a term I use as a stand-in to describe a certain moral vision of the world which primarily gained prominence during the 1960s and beyond. While I know the origins of the events of the 1960s stretch back long before the 1960s, the Enlightenment, The Protestant Reformation, etc., The Boomer World Order is a phenomenon in of itself and is being described as such in this article.

1. Egalitarianism:

Egalitariaism is the belief in the equality of all people. This belief system is perhaps one of the central pillars of the moral framework which arose during and after the 1960s.


2. Liberal Imperialism:

Liberal Imperialism can be summarized as the idea that Liberal society has an obligation to spread liberal ideas and enlighten the rest of the world. The United States government and global institutions are some of the primary vectors by which Liberal values are forced onto other countries. These are often times the values which arose during the 1960s, such as feminism, racil equality, etc. What should be noted about Liberal Imperialism is the way in which it indirectly highlights a fundamental failure in democracy, which is that true democratic rule necessarily reflects the domestic sensibilities of any given voting populous. Given that Liberalism is mostly an obscure belief system which is primarily relegated to Western countries, external force such as sanctions, embargos, and wars are needed to force domestic populations to adopt Liberal values. This same phenomenon can be seen in Western countries themselves, wherein corporations will actively boycott businesses and people to fail to adopt the liberal values shared by a given Western countrie's ruling elite. Liberal Imperialism is fundamentally undemocratic and is a top-down phenomenon. It constantly battles the natural inclinations of domestic populations and can often times create externalities.


3. Secular Blasphemy Laws:

Secular Blasphemy Laws are social taboos which have arisen from the zeitgeist of the 1960s; taboos against racism, sexism, etc. These secular blasphemy laws have filled in the void left behind after religious blasphemy laws were forced out of the mainstream of an increasingly secular soicety. These secular blasphemy laws are the underpinnings of what has effecively become a secular religion. 


4. Moral Relativism:

Moral Relativism is something not even the believers in the 1960s revolution believes in. The primary use moral relativism is to break down the traditional morality of given populations and to create an environment which is conducive to support Liberalism.



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