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doctored video claims Trump called Nazis fine people


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doctored video claims Trump called Nazis fine people published by Oan
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Posted on 2019-08-09
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Anonymous: 2019-10-05 08:26:03 ID:3409

Everything is just a big joke
now. Everything is a lie.

The government doesn't obey the law, but expects
you to obey the law and pay taxes.

Lerner wasn't jailed for using the IRS to target conservatives.

Clapper wasn't jailed for lying to Congress.

CIA wasn't punished for torturing.

NSA isn't stopped for unconstitutionally

The Gestapo aren't punished for shooting unarmed
Americans in the back.

Clinton wasn't jailed for sending
top secret information on an unsecured

The globalists committed fraud and were rewarded
with billion dollar bailouts instead
of being arrested.

Assange was jailed for telling about government

You don't
know what the truth is when everything is
a lie.

Is Alex Jones a patriot or controlled opposition?

How can there be global
warming when there is record cold?

Was the Malaysia Airlines plane shot down by
Ukraine or Russia?

Was 9/11 committed by terrorists or Jews?

How do you know?

You can go to jail
if you feed the homeless or murder someone today.

How can you live
when watering your lawn or not watering your lawn
is illegal?

How do you live when starting a business
is illegal?

How do you live when sheltering illegal aliens
or refusing to rent illegal immigrants is illegal?

How do you live when being
homeless is illegal?

How do you live when carrying cash
or depositing less than
$10,000 into your own
bank account is a crime?

Americans walk around in some alternate
world today thinking that North America was uninhabited
in 1492 and the US had food stamps and TSA groping in

Nothing can change without a violent revolution because
protesting is illegal and the US
is not a democracy.

You can't
talk about the problems
or find solutions because
the one thing Americans can agree on now is that they
absolutely hate
free speech.