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Why the election is fraudulent a response to the weak Lib-Right point of our dear lord and savior 1stAmender and the Far Left lie known as demonrats

Right Wing Libertarian ready to smack the liberals

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Right Wing Libertarian ready to smack the liberals

Why the election is fraudulent a response to the weak Lib-Right point of our dear lord and savior 1stAmender and the Far Left lie known as demonrats published by Ben Dover
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Posted on 2021-01-19
Writer Description: Right Wing Libertarian ready to smack the liberals
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Election night was a teeth chattering nail biting situation on tuesday night, me, being a pro-trump leaning person was expecting a trump landslide but instead we got a 5 day election with multiple cases of voting inregularlities and and suddenly we are told a senile mumbling pedophile is the 46th president of the USA and that its a good thing? most biden supporters are naive people walking into a trap by the democrats again and again i'm aware there isint too much desparities between red and blue states but in overall social standards I can see why many states are fighting against the democratic virus known as the "blue wave" Democrats have created a very tense situation towards republicans they are backed by the media and a cabal of celebrities,overrated e-celebs,booty models and etc.. and yet foolish boomers and yet senior voters ignore this and fail to see this pragamatically and a outright proper future for their children will be endangered by democratic policies and societal standards pushed the cabal.. but rant over guys lets drop truth here cause noone wants to hear instead we constantly cause arm chair libtarded neckbeard's telling us what to think and constantly spamming fact checkers and instead of contronting the point so lets come about this mathamatically.. 

SOOoooo About 50 million, aka the number of votes Biden had when polls closed on election day, with Trump ahead in a landslide. Then, around midnight, after the doors were locked and the windows blocked - SPECIFICALLY so there could be no witnesses and thus, no 'proof', there were recorded an influx of hundreds of thousands of votes - far beyond the capacity of the tabulation machines on site - FOR BIDEN ONLY: Zero votes for Trump, zero votes for 3rd parties & even zero votes for downballot democrats. But mechanical, mathematical, statistical, physical impossibility is meaningless to NPCs because the perpetrators didn't upload video of The Steal to IG or FB so, therefore, it didn't happen.

[1:47 PM]VOTE TOTALS for PAST ELECTIONS, truly boggles the mind: >2004 Total Votes: 121,069,054 >2008 Total Votes: 129,446,839 >2012 Total Votes: 126,849,299 >2016 Total Votes: 128,838,342 >2020 Total Votes: 155,506,033 Biden somehow got MORE votes than Obama and Hillary, while simultaneously winning LESS counties... in 2021 Biden only Won 524 Counties

That is 16.7% of US counties

>this is the lowest recorded in history for any candidate in history >Biden won more votes than Both Hillary AND Obama >biden wins 1 of 17 bellweather counties (nobody had ever won president without 60% of those), trump wins 16 (most ever) ALL court cases contesting the election were thrown out for "procedural errors" before entering the "discovery" phase. >ZERO were allowed to progress to discovery

A senile pedophile got more votes than morroco obummer and crooked hillary how???? just the inregularites alone should've been sent to scotus instead every case was thrown out and including a the texas where a Scotus screamed at just the thought of it 81 million votes? I fail to comprehend this and we are told "He'll be better for europe" "he'll be tough on china" as months have passed and passed many biden voters are beginning to regret that desicion Joseph robinette biden 47 years putting down minorities and supporting segregation and kamala harris who put black men on death row and kept people past their prison sentences we have the vile evil people within the presidency



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Ben Dover: 2021-01-19 07:53:13 ID:5174

My apologies I was tilted when I wrote this