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Select Your Own Adventures Sleepaway Camp – Pali Adventures Camp


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Select Your Own Adventures Sleepaway Camp – Pali Adventures Camp published by Evanvinh
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Posted on 2016-03-25
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Sleepaway summer camp is a childhood staple. New friends, new adventures, and new fun are all part of what makes overnight summer camp such a great experience and a lasting memory for many. But maybe you’re a little worried about sending your kiddo off to camp – perhaps they are somewhat shy, or have interests that are a bit outside of traditional camp activities. Well, we know of a summer camp that every kid will love and beg to go back to year after year…because the campers themselves get to decide what activities they partake in! They are in charge of creating their own memorable sleepaway camp experience that they’ll be sure to love.

Pali Adventures Summer Camp

Pali Adventures Summer Camp

Pali Adventures Camp is a unique and fun overnight summer camp set in the mountains of San Bernardino in Southern California. What sets it apart from other camps is they offer “mini-camps,” or different specialties that kids get to pick. In the morning, campers go to their selected mini-camp and then get to pick three electives in the afternoon. Pali Adventures offers 21 mini-camps and over 70 electives, so kids are sure to have an AMAZING time because THEY are in charge of their day! Kids can be what they want to be, learn exactly what they want to learn, and have a blast doing it!

Whether your kiddo is an athlete, a scientist, an artist, or a dancer – there is a specialty for everyone and everyone will have a great time!

Pali Adventures Summer Camp

Pali Adventures Summer Camp

Camp Setup


These mini-camps let kids focus on the activities they want to make their camp experience awesome.  Each specialty program is run by expert instructors who know their stuff! At the end of camp, kids put on a showcase and campers get to show off what they’ve learned. Popular ones tend to fill up fast, so be sure to book your kid’s camp session well in advance!

Pali Adventures Summer Camp - Secret Agent Camp

Pali Adventures Summer Camp – Secret Agent Camp


  • Extreme Action: For the thrill-seeker, activities include rock climbing walls, ATV quads, zip lines, paintball, and more
  • Flying Trapeze: Students soar through the air under the guidance of professionals
  • Girl Power: Empowers girls through both extreme and relaxing activities, including zip lining, skateboarding, and spa days
  • Hollywood Stunts: Campers learn stunt techniques like swordplay, high falls, and hand combat, and choreograph a fight scene
  • LARP (Live Action Role Playing): For the fantasy fiend in the family, campers will get to develop their own character, make costumes,  learn archery and tomahawk throwing, and take part in a final battle
  • Motorsports: Campers learn the safety of motorsports, and have fun riding dirt bikes, ATV quads, go-karts, and more
  • Secret Agent: This spy-theme camp incorporates loads of thrilling activities, including paintball, rope courses, ATV quads, and martial arts
  • Water Sports: Aqua enthusiasts (who must pass a basic swim test) get to wakeboard, kneeboard, water ski, ride jet skis, go tubing, or just relax on pontoon boats

Pali Adventures Summer Camp - Hollywood Stunts Camp

Pali Adventures Summer Camp – Hollywood Stunts Camp

Pali Adventures Summer Camp

Pali Adventures Summer Camp


  • Culinary: Budding chefs will learn kitchen safety while honing their cooking skills. The week ends with an “Iron Chef” style cooking challenge
  • Fashion: Fashionistas will learn how to sew, how to create their own clothing, and then show off their work at the Pali Showcase
  • Film: Future directors make their own short film, and learn about editing, camera operation, scriptwriting, and more
  • Fine Arts: Artists get to enjoy acrylic painting, charcoal drawing, stain glass, mosaic art, and jewelry making (with each day focusing on a new medium)
  • Movie Makeup: From zombies to fake gashes, makeup campers learn all the tricks and secrets to creating movie-ready makeup (which they get to practice on acting campers!)
  • Wacky Science: Kids conduct experiments, design rockets, and much more

Pali Adventures Summer Camp - Movie Makeup

Pali Adventures Summer Camp – Movie Makeup

Pali Adventures Summer Camp - Culinary

Pali Adventures Summer Camp – Culinary

Pali Adventures Summer Camp - Wacky Science Camp

Pali Adventures Summer Camp – Wacky Science Camp


  • Acting: Whether improv, stage, or movie acting, kids will learn fundamentals, have fun, and leave with new skills and headshots
  • Broadcasting: Campers run KPAL news and have nightly news programs. Kids learn all about being reporters, journalists, and anchors
  • DJ: Future DJs learn all about the latest technology, DJ at a camp dance, and have a CD of their own mixes
  • Dance: Campers choreograph an original dance, and expand their talents in all types of dance, from tap to breakdancing
  • Magic: Campers will dazzle their new friends with the illusions and card tricks they learn
  • Rock Star: Like real rock stars, campers collaborate with each other in small groups, then perform for the entire camp at the end of the week

Pali Adventures Summer Camp

Pali Adventures Summer Camp

Pali Adventures Summer Camp

Pali Adventures Summer Camp


  • Counselor in Training: For campers who are 15 or 16 and want to learn leadership skills. Teens earn CPR certification, plan their own elective, and gain valuable skills to be a great leader.


Campers get to choose three electives for each afternoon! Kids can experience parts of other specialties they may have an interest in, enjoy classic camp games and activities, or just try something new and fun!

Electives include but are not limited to:

ATV Quads • Zumba • Tubing • Laser Tag • Jet Skis • Karaoke • Yoga • Arts and Crafts • Rock Climbing Wall • Zipline • Flying Squirrel • Log Rolling • Basketball • Archery • Riflery • Bedazzling • Rope Courses • Water War • Mountain Bikes • 9 Square • Skateboarding • Cooking • Paintball • Aussie Bush Dancing • Card Games • Languages • Soccer • Shaving Cream Fights • Origami • Music Jam Session • Inline Skating • Duct Tape Art • Photography • Painting • Flag Football • Cricket • And More!!

Pali Adventures Summer Camp

Pali Adventures Summer Camp

Pali Adventures Summer Camp

Pali Adventures Summer Camp


Camp fun continues on after dinnertime when campers enjoy camp-wide fun activities like themed dances, casino nights, late-night sweets buffet, camp games, campfires, and much more. Campers are kept busy all day until late night (10pm for kids, 11 for teens) so homesickness barely has time to sink in!

Pali Adventures Summer Camp

Pali Adventures Summer Camp

Everything Parents Want to Know


Pali Adventures Camp is for kids and teenagers aged 8 to 16.


Pali is an accredited camp (by the American Camp Association), which ensures rigorous adherence to camp safety regulations. Pediatric nurses are on site at all times, and the camp is secure and requires access through a locked front gate.


There is a one to three ratio of counselors to campers at Pali. This number reflects only staff who work directly with the kids. Counselors receive intensive training (two weeks, as opposed to the industry standard of one week) and have a thorough background check.


Kids are bunked by gender and with those in the same age group – there’s no more than a year age difference. Friend bunk requests are limited to two, so cliques don’t form and all kids have an easier time making friends in the cabins. Each cabin consists of nine to 10 campers, with two to three counselors. Kids sleep in bunks (sleeping bags and/or linens required from home) and have bathrooms in their cabins. Kids also eat meals with their cabin mates and counselors.


Pali has a few tips for parents of first-time campers. They’ve even compiled a downloadable parent’s guide (check it out here: But in general, they recommend staging a camp experience at a friend’s or a relative’s house, with overnight trips. Involving them in the process of picking camps, and for Pali, in choosing their specialty, helps create excitement. They also recommend telling them about all the fun they’ll have, and not giving them an “escape clause” (don’t tell them you’ll pick them up if they get homesick!). Camp counselors are trained to help kids overcome homesickness.


Since campers eat and sleep with the same group of kids and counselors, it’s easier for shy kids to acclimate themselves. Counselors have also been trained to keep an eye out for kids who may be having a hard time, and to help engage them. Kids also say that Pali has a special environment – one where they can be themselves without judgment from others. They also get to hang out with like-minded kids in their specialized camps.


Another awesome feature of Pali Adventures Camp is the Pali Portal, a parent interface. A team of photographers and videographers who are on hand capture the fun moments happening daily, and these photos and videos are uploaded to the Pali Portal. Parents can log into a personalized gallery that showcases their kid’s chosen activities. Parents can also send emails to campers, which are printed and handed out. Parents can even order things from the camp store to be sent to their campers.


Pali offers early bird discounts (unfortunately early bird prices have passed for this summer’s fun, but keep it in mind for Summer 2017!). If your kiddo stays for more than one week (which they’ll likely they’ll want to!!), multi-week price reductions are offered.

Pali Adventures Summer Camp

Pali Adventures Summer Camp


Session 1: Jun 12 – Jun 18
Session 2: Jun 19 – Jun 25
Session 3: Jun 26 – Jul 2
Session 4: Jul 3 – Jul 9
Session 5: Jul 10 – Jul 16
Session 6: Jul 17 – Jul 23
Session 7: Jul 24 – Jul 30
Session 8: Jul 31 – Aug 6
Session 9: Aug 7 – Aug 13
Session 10: Aug 14 – Aug 20


Parents’ Testimonials

“My son was anxious about the kids at camp – that they would be mean to him. Instead, he met kids from all over the world and he felt he was even a bit popular. His dad and I were thrilled. Best camp experience of his life…All the counselors went out of their way to help him feel calm and understood. Nowhere else (school, professionals, team sports etc) has he been with a more talented, compassionate, intuitive, accepting group of people. Camp went far beyond our expectations.”

“My daughter had such a wonderful time at Pali! She will never forget her experience! She is already talking about going back next year! She made a lot of friends and loved her specialty – Acting! She absolutely loved the counselor in her cabin! She felt welcomed and had so much fun. She talked non-stop on our 3-hour trip home from the airport about how much fun it was. Thank you again for taking care of my daughter. We will definitely be back next year!”

“We picked up my son and his sister from the fourth session and the camp was everything you promised. They loved it. They had a fantastic time; from their activities in Extreme Action to their electives, to the nighttime activities, to their counselors. And as parents, we’re thrilled. It was everything we hoped for. Thanks for providing an extraordinary experience. Our kids are already talking about next year.”

“My daughter had a fabulous time! She has been talking nonstop about everything and everyone. She didn’t know any other kids going there but made many friends over the week. She is looking forward to the first day of school next week to wear the cute little romper that she made in the Fashion specialty and to tell everyone there about her experience. Thanks for taking such great care of my kid.”

“One of the first statements my son made about the camp was that his “counselors were AWESOME.” Thank you to his counselors for being so fun and caring. He was a little homesick, but his counselors took care of him in a kind and gentle way, but also kept him busy and their positive attitudes were infectious!”

“My son returned home from the first session of Pali begging to go back next year! It was a fantastic experience for him. His self-esteem was sky high when he returned. His counselors helped him to see his potential while he was there. He made friends. Worked with equipment he never used before. Was very proud of all the things he accomplished. Thank you for the greatest week.”

“My daughter overcame a lot of her fears. For instance, she tried Trapeze even though she thought she’d never be able to do it. All in all, Pali Camp was a really positive experience! Thanks so much!”




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