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Pokemon Sun And Moon To Feature New Pokemon Starter Types?


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Pokemon Sun And Moon To Feature New Pokemon Starter Types? published by Evanvinh
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Posted on 2016-04-03
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The starter Pokemon for Pokemon Sun And Moon haven’t been officially announced yet, but most fans already have an idea on it.

The games usually have the usual Fire, Water, and Grass starters, which is actually a solid concept, but many believe this needs to change. Should Nintendo and Game Freak consider looking at other Pokemon types?

PokeMEN’s video discussed the possibilities of Grass-Fairy, Water-Dragon, and even a Fire-Electric type starters in the upcoming Pokemon Sun and Moon. It has been a long tradition of the Pokemon series to use the three contrasting Pokemon types and the video even covered the full history of covered Starter Pokemon loadouts so far.

In each Pokemon generation, the starters are either a pure one-type Starter Pokemon or are mixed with a sub-Pokemon type.It could possibly be a great time for Pokemon to shift into a different mix of Starter Pokemon without the usual Fire, Water and Grass types in them.



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