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Jimmy Kimmel Recreated The ‘Captain America’ Trailer With Donald Trump And Bernie Sanders And It


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Jimmy Kimmel Recreated The ‘Captain America’ Trailer With Donald Trump And Bernie Sanders And It published by Evanvinh
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Posted on 2016-04-12
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If the mythical superheroes who populate the Marvel and, to a lesser extent,DC cinematic universes are what audiences aspire to, then the current gamut of American presidential candidates is the exact opposite. Or at least that’s the reasoning behind talk show host Jimmy Kimmel‘s latest fake trailer, America: Civil War — a topical riff he debuted on Monday ahead of hissit-down with the members of #TeamCap from Captain America: Civil War.

“There’s some interesting parallels between this presidential election and the movie,” the comedian explains. “Both of them feature former friends who are now enemies. They both feature powerful men and women who are also cartoon characters.”

Kimmel tries to pawn the mashup off on his parent company’s first favorite adopted child (the second being Lucasfilm), saying that Marvel put together the new trailer. This obviously isn’t the case, but who cares? Neither Bernie Sanders (as Captain America) nor Donald Trump (as Iron Man) have ever looked this good wearing faux spandex and a suit worth an inordinate amount of money.

Jimmy Kimmel Live previously combined footage from the not-so-successful Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice with Bridget Jones’s Babyfor Batman & Superman v Bridget Jones. Amazingly, when paired with the talk show host’s latest mashup gag, the two nonexistent films manage to flip the apparent mission statements of Marvel and DC. The most recent takes on a much more serious angle, whereas Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck’s threesome with Renee Zellweger gets a little goofy. Who knew?



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