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10 Silly Fun Science Experiments You Can Easily Do at Home


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10 Silly Fun Science Experiments You Can Easily Do at Home published by Evanvinh
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Posted on 2016-04-14
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Other than youth and recess and summer vacation and nap time and candy and junk food and energy and fast metabolism and hope and excitement and bubbles and being with your friends every single day and first memories and playgrounds and no worries and probably a million other things, one of the things that you miss about being a kid when you’re an adult is the lack of silly science experiments. Sometimes you just want to put some food coloring on a plate and make it blow away with some dish soap. You don’t what to know the science behind it, you just want to see a volcano explode.

Here’s 10 you can easily do at home. Some are legitimately fun, some you’ve done before, and some are just plain weird.



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