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The Division Update 1.1 Causes Some Characters to Go Missing


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The Division Update 1.1 Causes Some Characters to Go Missing published by Evanvinh
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Posted on 2016-04-14
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Yesterday Ubisoft rolled out update 1.1 for its post-apocalyptic shooter, The Division. Unfortunately, the patch has introduced an issue where some players could find their characters missing after playing update 1.1. Ubisoft acknowledged the issue in a post on its official forums, stating that it would "require further investigation" and that the problem "will not be fixed with this hotfix."

Update 1.1 included the following changes, including tweaks to the game's first raid-like event, Incursion:

  • Named enemies in Challenge mode will now only guarantee one High-End item like all the other named enemies
  • Incursion: Falcon Lost
    • The APC will no longer take damage from players’ weapons
    • The APC’s Mortar weapon will now fire correctly
  • Several fixes to improve server stability

Check out the full article for details on what's included in patch 1.1. The update itself is around 4.9GB on PlayStation 4 and is a similar size for Xbox One andPC. Incursion is The Division's first free update; the next one is Conflicts, which comes out in May. Looking beyond that, paid expansions will follow further into the summer and beyond.

The Division was released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on March 7. The game was positively-received in GameSpot's review, where editor Scott Butterworth praised its detailed world and intense campaign missions. For more of our coverage of The Division, check out our gamespace.

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