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Read the Best FCC Complaints About Beyonce's Super Bowl Performance


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Read the Best FCC Complaints About Beyonce's Super Bowl Performance published by Evanvinh
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Posted on 2016-03-15
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Remember one month ago, when people realized Beyoncé was actually black and America's Mayor™ Rudy Giuliani accused her of using her Super Bowl 50 halftime performance "to attack police officers" and a bunch of angry folks organized an anti-Beyoncé protest that no one bothered showing up for?

Man, that was great. Anyway, now you can relive all that outrage by thumbing through a full 47 pages (!) of angry emails the Federal Communications Commission received following Super Bowl 50, revealed today thanks to an Open Records Request filed by SB Nation. To be fair, not all of them are about Beyoncé – some wrote in to complain about the commercials (fair enough) or the quality of the closed captioning ­– but it's safe to say the best of the bunch were definitely about Queen Bey.

Take, for example, this email, sent from an angry viewer in Spring Hill, Florida:

"Beyoncé was making racist hand jesters during her performance during the Super Bowl halftime show. Our group will be keeping track of this complaint."

RACIST HAND JESTERS! Or how about this not-at-all-reactionary complaint, which likened Bey's performance to a KKK rally:

"The halftime show was full of hatred and racism as the singer Beyoncé and her dancers dressed in Black Panther attire. This is no different than white people wearing KKK attire. This should of never been allowed , 'cause all this does is cause more hatred towards each other."

Or this person, who is worried about the children despite not actually having any of his or her own:

"I'm writing to voice my displeasure of the naked Beyoncé aired at the end of the Super Bowl 50 halftime show. It wasn't technically part of the show but was the first thing shown afterward. Has CBS no respect for all the families with younger children that watch football, let alone the biggest football game of the year? That suggestive video clip would gain at least a 'PG-13' rating in a movie. It was far more suggestive than Janet Jackson's stunt where she at least still had something on. What's the message sent to all millions of young boys and girls who watch? I don't have kids but know many who do and know they are shocked when this type of ad content is shown during a family friendly  program."

Or this one from Fort Wayne, Indiana, which accuses Beyoncé of cursing on the air, even though she didn't:

"Beyoncé used the word 'fuck' at least twice during her supposed halftime entertainment show. Certainly this is a prohibited word even by today's standards. There was no disclaimer or warning prior to this warning anyone of the gross vulgarity that I witnessed. Not a race issue. No one should be allowed to spew this filth on public airwaves."

There's plenty more where that came from, but you get the idea. And while we don't necessarily agree with all the complaints, we're definitely on the side of the viewer from Bridgeton, New Jersey who called Mountain Dew's PuppyMonkeyBaby "disgusting…and very odd." Think of the children!





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