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Atlus unveils stunning 'Persona 5' trailer for Playstation 4


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Atlus unveils stunning 'Persona 5' trailer for Playstation 4 published by Evanvinh
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Posted on 2016-05-10
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If you like first person shooters, online multiplayer, kill stats, and lots of dudes shouting, then Atlus' seminal RPG series Persona is not for you.

However, if you're passionate about Japanese storytelling, dark anime, high school dramas and complex exploration of the human spirit, you will flail with joy at whatPersona 5 has to offer based off this newly unveiled trailer.

Visually similar to Atlus' previous adventure CatherinePersona 5 and its forthcoming Playstation 4 release is quite a thrill for those of us who have overlooked that the series tends to run a console generation behind.

Persona 5 follows a similar storyline to its predecessors. A 16-year-old protagonist in a small town acts as the central character, uniting with his peers to explore a mythical dungeon known as The Palace. The sinister structure is made of human hearts and all their good and bad intentions. Our heroes aim to steal unsavory plans from these hearts in order to prevent tragedy, reflecting on the nature of humanity's strange choices as they go.

While the graphics have been in no hurry to catch up, Persona's powerful storytelling has always bridged the gap. Now that its looks are on equal footing with its depth, Atlus may be brewing its best offering yet.



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