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Europe Is Dead, Get Packing.

I'll write what comes to mind

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I'll write what comes to mind

Europe Is Dead, Get Packing. published by Channe_Fox
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Posted on 2016-06-11
Writer Description: I'll write what comes to mind
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Yes people, Europe as a continent of various cultures and nations unified under a drive toward freedom after one of the most brutal wars in history, is dead. Long live the EU, an autocratic group of economically linked, "countries", that are all governed by people other than the elected representatives. Long live the state that doesn't understand that something is going wrong if a whole bunch of Jews suddenly decide to flee. (By the way, any fellow Fags in Europe, run. Things never end with the Jews). Long live the new, soft, Fascism that is making  Aldous Huxley into a lovely generator. Though, the EU wont last much longer will it? No, it will fall into disorder thanks to its policies. And the conflict might not stay in Europe either, Putin has already been nibbling Europe from the East, and Turkey has been playing the whole continent like a fiddle for the most part. The exception of course being the recent acknowledgement of the Armenian Genocide by Germany. I have little hope for this nation, and anyone still there who is against it best run. You cant speak without being coerced into silence or ostracized, and even if you could over throw Brussels, you still have millions of young men under a barbaric ideology to deal with.

Allow me to help you get started:

Forced to vote, but lovely cities and people.

The old standby, sort of. Lots of differing locations to choose in the same country, whether you want tropical, temperate, of freezing.

While you would technically be under a communist regime, there is still some stuff left to go too.

If anyone has any other destinations in mind, please share them, and I apologize for not being able to do this article in French or German, one of the things my country is terrible at, is teaching any language besides English. Also English.



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